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Ceud Mile Failte
(A hundred thousand welcomes)

My McLain Family Homepage

My family tree has been shaken for many years. This is a compilation of what my great-grandfather Thomas Pratt McLain, my grand-father Merrill T. McLain, my aunt Bennie Flowers, my uncles Merrill T. McLain, Jr., Larry McLain, Gail McLain, my father Robert G. McLain and myself have come up with.

Much of the information on these pages is due to new found "cousins" and others who are interested in their family history and were willing to share the information with me. Victoria Beck, Neda Cancaro, John Decker, Carolyn Hubbard, Russ Kyger, Mona May, Inez McLain, Margaret Miller, Stephen Olds, Walter Pike, Pat Pool, Louise Shambaugh, John Shankwiler, Loretta Smith, Vanessa Stern, Marion Watt, and Judith Wills are just some of the "cousins" that have helped so much. With everyone's efforts we now have over 4100 descendants of Dennis MacLaine!!

Almost all of the information found on this site has been verified, but, as most of you well know, some sources are stronger than others. In the future, I hope to put much of the verification on this site. If you have additional information, corrections, or questions please e-mail me Robert H. McLain. I would simply love to meet new "cousins."

Some of the more popular names in the database are:

McLain Sparks Leonard Nelson Buffington
Taylor Farmer Harlan Bailey Stockman
Hunt Stockslager

The McLain Family Database

If you are looking for more Gyger (Geiger, Kyger, etc.) information, Russ Kyger and Maggie Miller have a great site with some scans of original Christian Geiger documents at KYGER FAMILY GENEALOGY HOMEPAGE

If you are looking for more information on the Clan MacLaine of Lochbuie go to the official Clan website at CLAN MACLAINE OF LOCHBUIE HOMEPAGE